Hassan Hajjaj Moroccan Sofas

Hassan Hajjaj Moroccan Sofas

Pair of sofas designed by Moroccan artist Hassan Hajjaj; Morocco’s preeminent world renown designer, artist, filmmaker and photographer. Hajjajs’ works can be found in galleries and museums throughout Morocco, London, Paris, Dubai and the US.  Several publications including Vanity Fair and Vogue have recently featured Hajjaj’s works.

Touted as the Andy Warhol of Morocco, Hajjaj uses found local materials; incorporating them into his pieces.  He is a master of upcycling and recycling bringing fresh and colorful perspectives.

These sofas are truly a work of art, using plush Moroccan fabric, bicycle tires, and floor/wall matting to create a unique fun product.  These wonderful sofas were sent directly to the US from Hajjaj’s riad in Marrakech.

What sets it apart? Hajjajs' works are all unique using local products to create beautiful colorful pieces.


21st Century
, c.
wood, fabric, rubber, plastic
W x 25"
D x 17.5"H

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